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WhatsApp 轉移

將 WhatsApp 從手機傳輸到手機,將 WhatsApp 消息、照片、視頻和其他附件備份到計算機並恢復它們。

  • How to Easily Export All WhatsApp Chats at Once on iPhone & Android

    WhatsApp chats hold lots of our important messages, attachments, and other crucial personal/business data. That's why the majority of the users pe...

    Olivia Tucker Olivia Tucker 2022-09-08

  • 將 WhatsApp 從舊 iPhone 轉移到 iPhone 12/13 的 5 種方法

    眾所周知,WhatsApp 是一個即時通訊工具,可攜帶短信、視頻和音頻。 如果您在 WhatsApp 平台上進行任何重要的聊天,則需要將它們移動到您的活動手機上。 iPhone 13 的出現導致人們購買了其最新版本。 購買後不久,您必須尋找最佳方式在舊 iPhone 和新 iPhone 之間轉移它們...

    Olivia Tucker Olivia Tucker 2022-08-30

  • 如何修復 WhatsApp 恢復“未找到備份”錯誤

    Stefan"我昨天在 iCloud 上備份了我的 iPhone,因為我想換一部新手機。 我現在已經使用舊號碼在我的新手機上安裝了 WhatsApp,我想恢復 WhatsApp 備份。 但是當我嘗試時,我收到消息“WhatsApp 找不到備份”。 我該如何解決這個錯誤?"也許您剛...

    Olivia Tucker Olivia Tucker 2022-08-23

  • Top 5 WhatsApp Transfer Software

    With this short guide, we’ll go through how to safely transfer your WhatsApp data for free, as well as the best software for transferring WhatsApp cha...

    Olivia Tucker Olivia Tucker 2022-08-01

  • [Tried and True] Export Large WhatsApp Chats With More Than 40000 Messages

    WhatsApp is the world's most used chatting medium that is not just used for our personal conversations but also highly used in business conversati...

    Olivia Tucker Olivia Tucker 2022-08-01

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